Museum Terror 3D - GAME UPDATE, coming soon!

All the fans of creepy stories and blood-chilling quests must be eager to know what awaits them in the new version of this old favorite. All this time we've been working hard to make sure all of your suggestions are taken into account and now proudly present the result to your attention.

So, what are the updates? First of all, lots of effort has been put into making the quality of graphics top-notch. In horror genre the devil in the details, after all, so now you can examine every thread on the mummy's decaying body if you dare. Another popular demand was to make the interface more user-friendly: better to have all the necessary buttons on hand if you have to press them with shaking hands! We found the demand perfectly reasonable, and now the Map button is conveniently located at the top right corner of the screen.

As you see, we take our feedback seriously and strive to make our games the very best. We owe this version of the game to your suggestions and hope you'll find it even more enjoyable... that is to say, scary!